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Working On Gas

First of all - To work on gas boilers and combination boilers you need to have a gas licence. Working on electrical boilers requires a competence in electrical testing and safety.


Who Can Take The Course

These courses are open to new entrants to the industry, Level 2 and 3 Plumbing Students, Electricians, Existing ACS Accredited Engineers and related Tradespeople seeking to expand their skill set.


What's In The Courses

These courses are audio visual and can be taken oiver and over to absorb the information better.

The courses are specifically designed for students and employers to help them quickly identify different boiler types, learn their operational sequence, pinpoint the source of the fault, and correctly test faulty components using a multimeter.

The Courses will quickly teach you how to scale down the fault area, discover whether it is water, mechanical or electrically based and easily rule out components such as pcb's which are an expensive misdiagnosis when the fault is elsewhere.

These expansive courses cover fault finding on water heaters, various type of boiler, heating conrtols and combination boilers.

These courses which are used by employers and training establishments can now be accessed at low cost directly from your tablet or home computer and are presented in an easy to follow audio visual format.

The Modules in the courses can be repated until the information has been absorbed. It is difficult for any student to understand everything in the lessons right away and this is where these courses stand out. Easy to understand, simple to apply the techniques and above all they offer a high degree of confidence to students who can simply apply what they have seen and learned right away.

Engineers Undertaking these courses can choose to have them certified by completing the optional exams. The courses come with personal tutor support and are graded as a level 3 vocational award which can be added to your professional CPD Profile.

Getting a Job as a Boiler repair Engineer

CTSGroup provide interview examinations for many UK Employers based on the content in these courses.




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Misdiagnosis Costs

The average cost of a repair that involves exchanging a boiler component is often over £400. Our courses are just a fraction of the cost of one repair and are real value for money.

Misdiagnosing a fault can be very costly to your pocket and your reputation. With so many lead generating sites offering boiler breakdown leads where the customers rate your performance, keeping your customers happy and demonstrating your professional abilities is essential. Repairing a boiler to your customers satisfaction usually leads to repeat business and referals.

What You Will Learn

The courses impart all the information needed to confidently fault find and diagnose faults. being audio visual you will see and hear how its done. You will then be tested on what you have learned. If you fail the test simply go back and redo the lesson because it means you have not learned enough yet.

In these courses you will learn

  • How to set and test using a multimeter
  • How to determine if a fault is aquatic, mechanical or electrical
  • The Design and Operational Sequence of different types of Boiler
  • How to test various components on heating systems, boilers and combination boilers
  • How to fault find and wire up Y, S and C Plan system controls
  • Oprational and Diagnostic Procedures for Sealed an Open vented Systems
  • Fault finding on Water heaters, Boilers, and Combination Boilers
  • The difference between system boilers, Combination boilers and conventional boilers and how to upgrade the wiring when exchanging a boiler



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Prices - Boiler Repair Courses

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We have 3 courses on offer which complete the whole of this area. The cost of each course is from £138. If you buy all 3 together the cost is just £269. A Single misdiagnosis costs far more than all of the courses together

Boiler Repairs Training

Water Heater & Boiler Repairs Course - easy to understand training on fault finding and diagosis on water heaters and the various types of boiler. This course is the foundation to all the other courses. VIEW IN OUR SHOP NOW 

Gas Safe Engineer

Heating Engineer and Wiring Controls Course - Covering the wiring controls, installation and fault finding on C,Y and S Plan Systems and boiler wiring when changing a boiler. Incredibly informative and easy to follow - VIEW IN OUR SHOP NOW

Gas Safe Engineer

Combination Boiler Repairs Course- This course covers the two main types of combination boiler and the hows of diagnosing faults, testing components and repairing these boilers. A must for anyone completing the previous two foundation courses.

CLICK HERE to view these courses in our shop now.

How to repair a boiler fault

All of these courses are quick and easy to understand and provide invaluable training for boiler repair technicians.

The Sample is Flash Based. If viewing on an Ipad, or similar you will need to open in a flash broswer like PUFFIN, CHROME or PHOTON FLASH or on a PC




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