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GAS COURSES - GLASGOW - (With Solo Field Training, Assessment & Portfolio) On Job Training and Work Experience Locally in Glasgow

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Business Start - Gas Courses - Glasgow  Specialist one of a kind Gas Training Courses and Registration Business Start Programs in the Glasgow Area of Scotland. This first rate gas training schdule includes everything needed to be work ready working on gas and includes your gas registration. Infact everything is included. This is not simply a gas course, but a complte Gas Training, Registration, and Work Start Business Start up Program available in Glasgow and throughout Scotland.
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Gas Training Courses

Gas Safe Training Courses

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New Entrant Category 2 & 3 Gas Courses In Glasgow  Domestic Gas Foundation Courses Certificate For entry to ACS.
Offered as a classroom or distance learning gas safe training course, this competitive gas training certificate delivers the best in gas courses, delivered in Glasgow for candidates entering this field for the first time, or seeking a career change with no formal related qualifications. This award leads to your ACS Gas Competency Assessments and Gas Safe Registration and includes on and off job gas training from our in-house team.
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Gas Training Courses
ACOP to ACS Gas Courses



ACOP to ACS Gas Courses and Uplift Certificate for engineers who once held the approved ACOP Certificate 1-5 and seeking ACS Induction & Assessment


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These Gas Safe Training  courses are for candidates whose ACS Certificates are now out of Date wanting to bring their certificates up to date

ACS to Date

UK GAS TRAINING  value your career development.  It's for this reason that we deliver  purpose designed gas engineer training courses and gas work start programs to fit everyone's needs.  For candidates in Glasgow and new to the industry we provide a specialist program that contains all the necessary on and off job gas safe training in the Glasgow Area, work placement, on job solo assessment gas safe portfolio building, acs competency certification and Gas Safe Registration (Used to be Corgi Gas Registration) through our own Kick-start scheme that ensures you are looked after way beyond your registration and assisted into the workplace as a work ready, confident and competent gas safe registered engineer.  This is not just a Gas Course, but is the only complete Gas Work Start Program in Glasgow. 

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  Gas Safe Training Courses

Inhouse Gas Work Experience With CTSGroup & UK GAS TRAINING in Glasgow

Our services don't stop there. Our Gas Courses in Glasgow, and work start schemes are specifically designed for candidates wishing to run their own business on completion, and for such a task Solo Assessments with an Accredited on site Inspector are needed along with references. This all comes as part of your gas training course. This is all completed in Glasgow. On completion of your acs and gas safe registration you will be guided into the field with our ongoing support programs and to maintain the highest level of ongoing competency. Recent reports indicate a drastic increase in accidents relating to gas and unfortunately many of these are traced back to REGISTERED ENGINEERS. For most candidates it is not even remotely possible to secure work on completion of their training without some kind of references and time served solo experience, and for that reason we build this into our training programs.  Once complete you benefit from our ongoing technical support and gas safe training and competency auditing.

In addition we provide ACOP to ACS gas courses in Glasgow along with uplift and gas registration programs, Lapsed ACS re-certification, gas boiler fault finding and repair courses, and heating engineer modules. Our courses are also available as distant learning e-programs so that they can be undertaken even if you are in fulltime employment with minimum disruption and from the comfort of your home or college in your own free time.

We also provide changeover programs so you can join and continue from an existing certificate or training program if you are experiencing difficulties completing elsewhere.

Quite simply we can take you from whatever position you are in now right through to and beyond your gas safe registration because we specialise in all aspects of your gas training by only using accredited assessors to do all your gas training one to one on and off the job.

Most gas safe training courses have immediate start dates and can be tailored around your existing commitments with pay as you go non obligatory payment plans to suit almost everyone's budget. All of our gas courses are offered, run and currently delivered through CTSGroup who have a track record of delivering work ready Gas registered Engineers into this important work arena. We also Boast a list of employers and contractors who actively head hunt our qualified engineers on completion of their gas training and assessment. 

Boiler Repair Courses


A Selection of Level 2, and 3 Gas & Boiler E-Repair Courses for every level of student and engineer. 


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